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A Month in Review…

We’ve been MIA. For no “good” reason. So let me get you up to speed the best way I know how: I caught up with some FWENDS We celebrated a BIRTHDAY! We planted some JELLYBEANS in hopes of growing LOLLIPOPS! I was proud of my newly promoted BIG KID!   I “CRAFTED” I perfected the […]

Now go Read your Bible

The sleep deprivation has been real in this house. Fi has been sick. Which is bad enough but she’s also getting closer to what I am told “threenager” attitude, which amazes me because I honestly did not think my child could possibly be shadier. I was quite wrong. The part I struggle with the most […]

What (my) Friends are for. 

At 23, I’m glad to say I only have 4 close friends. I’ve figured out what some people don’t learn until like age 30: not everyone is your friend. Thing is… my friends… Well. They are the realest. In all aspects in my life, my friends are helpful in guiding me to greatness (or pettiness, […]


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