Coming Back in 2018

Everything is on hold. Everything… trust me. I hate it too.

But the good news is, both SOR and The Dev&Eb Podcast will be back in 2018.

New posts, new episodes.

I probably won’t do an update because it’s been like 4 months…BUT I’ve been working on a ton of new posts and Dev and I have been working overtime on the show.

But thank you again for keeping up with us. I am super excited for the new year and new content.


Merry Christmas — See you soon !


One Day

One day

You’ll lose the one thing you never imagined your life without. 

For moments that feel like an eternity, everything in your life is worthless in comparison to what you lost. 

You’ll feel like it’s a dream, you want SO BADLY for it to be a dream. 

And when you realize it’s not,

You’ll react. 

You won’t know yourself. 

Your hands will throw things that once mattered to you. 

Your mouth will scream words you don’t mean. 

Your anger will destroy whatever you have left. Your despair will bring you to the floor. 

Your mind won’t care. Your heart won’t care. But your lungs work in overdrive you keep you in this moment. In this pain. 

It won’t last forever. But it will never go away.

You’ll only allow your heart to truly feel when it’s necessary. 

That love will hurt because it’s coming from a broken place wanting so badly to be fixed. 

You’re missing pieces but you still allow the damn thing to keep trying. 

Only now, even the smallest infractions cause that reaction. That explosion of emotion.

But don’t regret it. You have to work harder to love. To forgive. To give your all to someone and explain the missing pieces. 

One day. 

A Month in Review…

We’ve been MIA. For no “good” reason.

So let me get you up to speed the best way I know how:


I caught up with some FWENDS


We celebrated a BIRTHDAY!


We planted some JELLYBEANS in hopes of growing LOLLIPOPS!


I was proud of my newly promoted BIG KID!





I perfected the VIBE


…and we flew a KITE


We had visit from a bunny with GIFTS


We deep conditioned #WASHDAY




Even through the BAD DAYS


I hate being away from the blog so much, specially after a whole year of this wild ride.

But I have some sad news.

Sound of Reign will be taking a hiatus and will return in JUNE!

The podcast will still be weekly– The twitters will still be poppin– and I promise the return will have a real update ! Stick with us!


It’s Not Easy. 

11:34pm: yeah it’s late but something sparked this post.







“I know it’s hard being a single mom”


Seems harmless right?

I’ve heard this a lot in the past 2+ years. It’s been getting under my skin lately because when I hear this… It’s coming from

  • Married women
  • Employers
  • Daycare Providers
  • Guys I’ve dated… well blown off for dates.

People that I’m certain are not now and were never single mothers.

So maybe I just misunderstood you guys… you are obviously saying

“I THINK it’s hard being a single mom”

Because I’m just not seeing how you KNOW about something so well that you are willing to say it to me with SUCH conviction that I almost feel bad for you…

Seriously …

ok. Let me tell you somethings I know are quite hard (since difficulty is the focal point of your knowledge):

  • It’s hard being twentysomething
  • It’s hard being a woman
  • It’s hard being a woman of color
  • It’s hard being a woman of color in a country where society devalues who you are upon first glance
  • It’s hard having student loans
  • It’s hard having student loans with no real career in the foreseeable future and knowing you may never pay them off
  • It’s hard losing the person you love and never being able to see them again
  • It’s hard losing the person you thought loved you and having to see them consistently tearing you down…
  • It’s hard seeing the joy they get out of your pain
  • It’s hard having anxiety
  • It’s hard having depression
  • It’s hard to listen people throw around the words “crazy” or “suicidal” to describe themselves after watching game of thrones (or something else with shock value)
  • It’s hard to love someone
  • It’s harder if you don’t love yourself
  • It’s hard to constantly try to rise above the negativity and “keep your head up”
  • It’s hard to ask for help
  • It’s hard to rid your life of toxic people
  • It’s hard to right someone who doesn’t believe they are wrong…ever
  • It’s hard to please everyone

… anyone.

To be real,

raising my daughter is THE most fun, rewarding, and enriching things I do in my life.

Compared to some of the things I’ve had to deal with … it’s the easiest.

What is hard… is hearing that it is inconvenient to you … and you disguising that annoyance into “empathy” for me.

You may have seen in a movie that being a single mom is “hard”.

Maybe you’ve been told by someone.

Maybe you’ve read it in a book.

But you do not KNOW what being a single mom is to me.


Finally! New episode of the Dev&Eb Podcast. Episode 02-College is LIT is now available

Listen on iTunes


The Birthdays

Happy Birthday Marlene. I know you hate a fuss… but you deserve it. Cheers to 24! #marleneforever




Thanks fi for helping mom !

Song: Eternal Sunshine-Jhene Aiko


Now go Read your Bible

The sleep deprivation has been real in this house.

Fi has been sick. Which is bad enough but she’s also getting closer to what I am told “threenager” attitude, which amazes me because I honestly did not think my child could possibly be shadier. I was quite wrong.

The part I struggle with the most is that I know that she smart… SO SMART.
So when she very obviously fake crying or asking where every single toy in her toy room goes as she “cleans” up, I get so frustrated and have to remember that she is only 2 and she deserves an off day to just whine and stomp.

To be real…we all do

So while I could give some excuses on why this post is mad late, I wont. I am just tired girl. If I had to guess…I think I have gotten a total of 11 hours of sleep between Sunday and Tuesday. I am in no place to do any mathing though so that is just an estimate.

Which I feel like I have done a good job fooling the world around me into thinking I am a well oiled machine. Seriously.

  • The clothes are washed
  • Dishes too
  • Groceries Purchased
  • and my hair is washed
    so excuse me while I tuck in my cape.

Actually–I missed trash day. TRASH DAY. we have so much trash. Sad part is — We were home! home! Fi wasn’t feeling well so we stayed in the house all day and missed the DAMN garbage truck.

Which is small right? I know it is yet my anxiety is on 10 specially with the weather being all bright and beautiful. Everyone is taking walks around the neighborhood…and seeing my full trash can baking in the sun. Someone remind me  on Friday.

The one thing about being a single mom is that you can’t let your personal disappointment show. Even if it is as small as missing trash day, or forgetting to buy almond butter.
I do not think it’s a bad thing though. I think it helps me move on and now dwell.

Still I wonder- Am I portraying a realistic person to my child? Can she see through my “everything is fine” cover ups? I mean yeah shes only 2 but this is something I should be conscious of right?

Great thing is, we talk a lot. I mean, it’s just the two of us most of the time. So I wanted to see our little world through her eyes and it reminded me …


She just wants to bounce around, eat snacks, and be happy.

So… chill out. You got this.

In case your past couple of weeks have been like mine here are some pick me ups that saved my sanity. Hope they help.

Hello Fresh – Easy Dinners.

I know some people are skeptical about things like this and if they are worth the price. YES! it is. The only things I would change: my cookware. It’s fantastic. (full review with photos to come)

Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter.

Proceed with caution: I go through a jar a week. It’s $12 a jar at my local grocery store. I love it with green apples or on rice cakes. You can make a banana sandwich. If you want to keep it simple… grab a spoon, a jar of JAB, and a glass of wine and cuddle up 


Y’all funny as hell. 

Outside of Trump…That is quite embarrassing. 

My Diffuser.

Mmmmmmmm. What’s that smell you ask ? Essential oils and water, misting peace into my home. My favorite oils are lavender and eucalyptus. It’s great while I sleep and when I meditate. I love it. 

This Clothing Steamer 

Oh so no one was gonna tell me this is a thing. My mornings and my outfits, thanks amazon ! Holding it down. 

I need to do a full review on all of the things I love.