A Month in Review…

We’ve been MIA. For no “good” reason.

So let me get you up to speed the best way I know how:


I caught up with some FWENDS


We celebrated a BIRTHDAY!


We planted some JELLYBEANS in hopes of growing LOLLIPOPS!


I was proud of my newly promoted BIG KID!





I perfected the VIBE


…and we flew a KITE


We had visit from a bunny with GIFTS


We deep conditioned #WASHDAY




Even through the BAD DAYS


I hate being away from the blog so much, specially after a whole year of this wild ride.

But I have some sad news.

Sound of Reign will be taking a hiatus and will return in JUNE!

The podcast will still be weekly– The twitters will still be poppin– and I promise the return will have a real update ! Stick with us!


The Year of Indifference

I’d be lying if I said “new year, new me” because as you can see I am still late ..af


its been what like 2 months? My bad– lets call it a holiday break!

So… Happy New Year/Mid January !

This will be quick because I am currently laptop shopping and iOS posts make me cringe. My laptop (well surface), has decided to retire.

I appreciate his years of service. I wouldn’t have finished college without him. Now he will only be used for Hulu and Pinterest.

Anyways—- this post

No I’m not talking about resolutions.

(You’re welcome)

Actually at the end of last year… (September – December) I realized I was goal chasing and reaching monthly. Sometimes for personal gain and sometimes I really had no choice.

In one of the last posts I talked about my own personal wellness journey (which was actually quite therapeutic) but as the year   SLOWLY crept to an end, I noticed all the things I’ve put into practice were “as needed”.

So basically this year I plan on doing a lot of things the same … but as desired.


  • DAILY meditation – not after my last ounce of sensible energy was exhausted on something unworthy.

SPEAKING OF unworthy- last year I did a lot of reflecting and forgiving. But I made the mistake of bundling forgiveness with acceptance. Basically, I was forgiving for people and not for myself. I still absolutely believe forgiveness is necessary for personal growth and healing. It is the rebuild I struggled with… not every relationship deserves reestablishing and I finally understand that. I am hoping this year I can really keep in mind that I can truly forgive a person for whatever hurt me or broke us or whatever, I can do so without giving them the materials to do it again. Forgiveness does not mean trust … it does not mean love … it does not mean friendship. FOR ME it means– I can step back and look at the situation as a whole, understand the cause of the damage, accept the destruction, and confidently say I understand why this happened and while I am not sure if something can put this back together… I won’t be the one to do it and won’t be attending the grand reopening.

Back to my “as desired list”

  • Regular escape I did this quite a bit last year. But again out of pure exhaustion of my surroundings. I like just taking random day trips… by myself or with fi. It’s really nice. Doing this reminded me how much I truly love myself and how I’ve grown to a point that I can enjoy my own company and try new things without encouragement. So I would like to start using my reward points and miles and such and taking some trips. I have to talk myself out of revisiting places I already know and love (sorry Boston), and go somewhere new. Suggestions?
  • “I ain’t sorry”– One great thing that came out of 2016 was my new found love for Beyoncé. Yes I am eating my words. Anyways! I am done blindly apologizing. I know this seems little but I am not going to apologize for my toddler anymore. Whether she is scream-singing in a grocery store or being super helpful at checkout making it take longer… SHES LEARNING. Some of yall are 48 taking 15 years looking for a daggone coupon that ends up being EXPIRED. So no, unless she kicks you in the shin or is uncharacteristically rude to you…I am not apologizing for my kid being a kid.
    *also! if she does not jump out of her skin to say hi to you from across the aisle she’s not rude, shes following directions. I am sure you were told not to talk to strangers. I understand your intention and appreciate your compliments. I too wave to adorable children but I DO NOT expect a friendly greeting back. I just have an incurable baby fever. Just saying…
  • This damn phone– I have to let it go. I have been better with it but not enough to show in my level of productivity. Part of my “regular escape” is going to be throwing myself into my work… like my 9-5 and all of this. Learning, progressing, creating routine to replace my pointless scrolling through IG and Facebook. I do have help with this one though, I am trying an app called “Moment” that I heard about on a podcast. It basically tracks how many times you pick up your phone, how much “screen time” you are having and what you are wasting your time doing.

I also took it a step further and turned off all of my app notifications besides my text messaging and emails. So all of the IG likes and snap chat replays are not lighting up my screen. Forcing restraint. I have a strong feeling I will be a lot happier when I am not focusing on everyone else’s internet life.

And lastly. I am giving up one of my greatest desires…

  • Candy– Outside of just overall healthier eating habits, I needed to get rid of my candy crutch. I eat candy when I am ridiculously happy or celebrating something and I eat candy when I am sad or going through something. I have eaten candy for breakfast and dinner… (just me, not my kid…she actually prefers fruit over candy). Also, my dental health is SUFFERING goodness lawd. I have never been so disappointed in myself as I was when I had a consultation with my dentist in September. In my head, if nothing hurt, I was good. I had braces way back when and I whitened my teeth professionally regularly when I was in high school. Now I am trying to teach a 3ft tall dictator how to spit in the sink and not on my slippers and I have just been putting my own pearly whites on hold. So the best thing I can do on my own is to cut out a major component to my poor dental health and use that money to save up for the work that needs to be done on my grill.


Welp, that’s my 2017 outlook. I am working on monthly goals with Fi so we will keep you posted on that.

This month, she is “earning” her toys. Basically the influx of “stuff” from Christmas is getting out of hand. While I knew she was going to get a bunch of stuff, I just figured that with an entire room dedicated to her toys (outside of her own bedroom), that toys would not be in my kitchen, living room, hallway, bathroom, and bedroom. I get that shes two and she does actually appreciate all of her things…but her birthday is in 2 months and there is a “cozy coupe” parked in my kitchen. It has a space…in the playroom… she knows that. So the next time she is out of the house I am going to CLEAN the playroom top to bottom and put everything in its place. as for the things in the hallway, living room, kitchen, etc. they will be for sale. We have these shelves in the kitchen and they are for decorative kitcheny things I guess but it will be a toy store for a bit. Everything will have a price and can be purchased with her Fi Bucks (yes I have already made the fake money and price sheet.)

We will sit down and talk about how this works and how she can earn her toys back (using the potty, no back talking, finishing dinner, cleaning playroom before bed) and she will get paid out at the end of the night. I mentioned it to her and she is just excited about money…surprise surprise. So we will see how that goes.

As for me… my January goal is simple, read a book. Okay…maybe not that simple. I was using audible for a while but it is meant for the go-go-go and part of my bubble of indifference is not  “going” so much and taking a moment to enjoy something stationary.

Currently reading: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.


Thanks again for sticking it out through the hiatus, hopefully some of the things I mentioned in this post will make it so there isn’t another drawn out break. BUT IF THERE IS. The Sound of Reign Twitter (@fispeaks ) is actually functional. I have been fearful of twitter but I think its gonna be fine…probably.



“I don’t know about you… But I’m feeling”

Old af.

But forreal. This week flew by! And at some point I turned 23!

The day itself isn’t much to reflect on. I woke up next to God’s greatest gift, my Fi. Thanked the Lord for allowing me to see another year. Followed by some normal… Birthday stuffs. All in all a good day.

I’m always in awe when I realized another year has passed.
I’m as grown as I wanted to be at 16.

How do I feel? It’s an odd mixture of unphased and stronger than ever.

Since my 22nd birthday I have grown

-and to be quite honest…. tired.

Like I said it is an odd mix… I am tired of all of the bull and I like always…I am tired of wasting my time but the annoyance is so much stronger and that is probably because I am hungry… I am the most passionate and driven as I  have ever been in my LIFE.

Since this time last year,
I moved across the state. Changed careers. Celebrated Fi’s 2nd  birthday. Loved. Lost. Learned.

The turning point of 22:

So I had a friend… a friend of over 10 years and I feel like after a certain amount of time you do not let relationships like this go because it’s been over a decade. I let go. To be quite honest it should have happened at 21. Since 20 it has been clear that it is just Fi and I against the world and while we have an awesome support system you have to be able to see who is not on your team. It happens but I am not at a place where I want to get mad or get even I just want to get away.  Everything happens for a reason and it just makes me appreciate all of the real and all of the love even more.

I would love to say there has been more success than struggle but I would deem it equal. I believe in myself more at 23  because of what I have gone through. 22 showed me that my goals are achievable.
Starting 23 with a new business and a job offer for the job I wanted!

So many other crazy and awesome things are happening.

It was a happy birthday! Short sweet…

Thanks for the love. Back to normal next week (promise)



I told you…

Well guys…. the deed is done.

I have been harping for the past month or so that things need to change around here and there is going to be a big change… despite my fears… I made a change. I am no stranger to change, but like many others I have a fear of failure… but I needed to stop fearing my own happiness and possible success. I have gotten fired from jobs, I have had a failed engagement, I have flunked a test or two. It took me 3 tries to get my drivers license when I was 17!
So at this point I was ready to jump.

Back story:

Earlier this year I had the AMAZING opportunity to interview at very large university for an event coordinator position in their student union… literally  my dream job. The school was amazing, the trip was amazing, the interviews were amazing, I got back to the airport I was… glowing. I waited by the phone for a little over a week until they called…

I got the job… they wanted me…ME! I was overwhelmed with disbelief an gratitude and I could have accepted the offer right then and there… but this was a big deal… a big move… 7 hours away from our home. So I had some time to make my decision. I had to take that time seriously because it was not only my life changing. There is Fi…. and her grandparents, her friends at school, my best friend who’s son is Fi’s best friend… and there was Fi’s older brother ….and her father…
For the past… almost year… we have lived about 3-1/2 hours away from the other side of my daughters family. It was a struggle with her father… but it always seemed to work out. Until now. When approached with the option and attempts to make the visitation schedule work, Fi’s dad shut.it.down! It was a big thing and in the end I had to turn down the position in order to keep the peace. *disclaimer: I was heartbroken, truly. Which I am sure that was the goal. But I have since forgiven because that is who I am and I cannot force someone to make certain decisions or think a certain way.  It took me a second to dust off this fall and get back to the me pursued these opportunities originally… basically I had to get back to the MONEY.

SO … What now? Western MD has become our home. If we couldn’t move then we need to focus on making this our place and being happy. I couldn’t continue to sulk over my lost opportunity. But when I went I went to school here, I stayed away from the community so for the longest time I felt disconnected from the place that I call home. I have recently found ways to connect with the area as an adult and I have fallen in love. Plus I love Fi’s daycare center and her doctor! So I was committed to make this work.

One of my good friends that I met in the strangest Spanish class during my first year at FSU, lives in the area and hangs out with Fi and I a lot. Billie Jean (yes, Billie Jean from Basic Makeup from a Basic Girl.) really helped me adjust to real life in this area. (Thank goodness for Billie Jean)
Well one night, Billie Jean sent me an email out of the blue. In my world, emails are official so I was pretty interested. The email basically said

“Let’s start a business–here is a proposal and this is my idea… take a day and think about it”.

I spent an entire 24 hours obsessing over the idea! That’s a big deal, that’s a big move… but I am the first person to say “I will try everything once” and if not now..when? and why the hell not? So we made a plan… and ran with it. If I can brag a bit… Billie Jean and I are determined as hell. Does not matter if it is trying to fly a kite or starting a business… if we want it, we are going to work hard and get it.

We got it…

Simply Classic Events

And we did it our own way… I did not tell my friends and family…
Not because I fear critics… I rather show THEN tell. Part of the reason behind creating Sound of Reign was a way to show people who know, love, and support me that there is more to me than just my 9-5, mom life, and co-parenting… stuff. I like to write, and read, and discuss ideas, debate, review… I have ideas and beliefs. While I LOVE LOVE LOVE all that goes into being a mom even the challenges of being a single mom, there is not much time for me to express myself after the bedtime routine. My days were blurring into each other. I knew I had things to say and goals I wanted to accomplish with Sound of Reign. Which led me to opportunity to pursue another dream of mine… Simply Classic Events!

SCE is an event planning and management firm. Start to finish, we know how stressful hosting an event can be whether it is a child’s birthday party to a wedding… we want to relieve as much stress as possible. Customer service has always been a big part in everything I do. I have been a sandwich artist at a subway to a waitress to an insurance sales rep… not the most desirable of careers but I knew that the service I was providing could easily make or break someone’s day. When I became an event planner last year, I knew this is where I needed to be, this is what I needed to be doing! All of the skills I have taken on since I started working when I was 14 years old led me to this point and have helped me become confident and successful in this business. Every client I have worked with has impacted my life and changed my views of customer service.  Above all, I love to work. I am happy that we have created Simply Classic Events because we are able to create our work, we get to do what makes us happy!  I enjoy designing and updating our marketing materials. We love meeting and exchanging ideas. We are excited to hit the ground running.

Obvi I will keep SOR updated with the norm but also with the progress of Simply Classic if you don’t mind 🙂
I appreciate you taking the time to read this and continuously supporting Sound of Reign it has been unreal. I cannot thank all of my friends family and followers enough! (and yes another feedback from fi will be coming soon!)

Please take the time to check out Simply Classic Events and like our Facebook page (Simply Classic Events on Facebook)

so much love…