About Me

My name is Ebone (really just Ebony spelled E-Bone).


The Mom
My (not so baby) baby is 3 going on 22. She keeps me on my toes both mentally and physically. She’s exactly what my parents meant when they said “I hope you have a daughter just like you one day”. She’s the perfect mix of sass and class. My well mannered little miss will speak her mind with a “please” and a “thank you” leaving you wondering if you were read or complimented… Trust me, she get it from her mama.  She is…The infamous Fi.

The Mess
 I have a list for everything…shopping list, todo list, what I’ve done list, call list, Fi list… Call it what you want but I will fully admit is a mess. Organized chaos. I feel there is no true organization as a single mom.. Routine? Maybe… But there are too many curveballs raising a toddler I cannot beat myself up when things are not perfectly filed away in a baby book somewhere. I am satisfied when I step on my kitchen floor and something doesn’t get stuck on my foot.

The Legend
Brace yourself, there is going to be a bit of bragging here. Part of my mess is that I never stop. I want to learn everything, try everything, do everything. I am motivated by my daughter and I am driven by my mess. I live through the corny inspirational quotes on instagram. Yep I am a young mom….and a college grad. Yep I am a young single mom…but my girl has the world.  Outside of Fi, the greatest thing about my life is that I have forgiven anyone I had anger towards, I love every single struggle I face. I am growing up not keeping up …I always welcome a new challenge.


I breathe love and acceptance.
I am an open book, ask me anything…. tell me anything.







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