I finally got my hands on another medium I love, PODCASTING!

I know I am pumped– let me chill out and walk you through what’s happening.


Tf is a podcast? Basically it is a recorded broadcasts that can be downloaded or streamed. I always describe it as a talk show on the go.

So yeah I really wanted a show to not only say the things I cannot communicate through this blog, or on twitter (p.s: it’s #tweetlikeDrake day on my twitter … so yeah). The great thing about the show is that it’s not just my perspective on things…



Well me…obvi


and my best friend Dev:


After 10 years of friendship, why wouldn’t you want to host a weekly show with me??? Between the two of us, Dev brings a level headed realistic sense to the show. You will love her as much as I do.


So Dev and I spend hours on the phone going over the frustration that comes from growing up where we grew up, adulting, maintaining a social life and a love life, along with a healthy mental state. These are conversations that I wanted to share on a larger scale… conversations I wish someone had with me while I was an awkward teenager attempting to find my way in Chopticon through the sea of jocks and super sweet sixteens.
To put it simply, we are for anyone who has ever struggled to find their place in the world. Screw it, let the world find it’s place with you. We are right here with you, every Monday!


That’s the news ya’ll ! Big thank you to Lyds from the Record.Talk.Listen Podcast for taking me under your wing and showing me all of the secrets. We appreciate you so much!


The first episode is available online NOW! You can find us on iTunes and our podcast page: The Dev&Eb Podcast

Subscribe and Rate and say NICE things




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