Smile! (You’re on Camera)

Took a short (unscheduled) break last week. MY BAD!

It was a hectic week I forgot we had scheduled family photos…IN OUR HOUSE. so I had to clean (at least the rooms we were going to use).


I also had to make an unexpected trip to the eye doctor.

After spending an hour with a bottle of bleach, knee high boots, a mop, and a giant bowl…trying to kill a spider in my kitchen….

I got a bit closer (with my mop) to realize…. it was a sticker….. of a paw print. I wouldn’t normally be embarrassed enough to go get my eyes checked because I already know I am damn near blind. Unfortunately for my ego… this entire spectacle had a witness– my brother on facetime.

EITHER WAY! There are no spiders in my kitchen and that’s all that matters!

Now to the part you are here for.


Backstory: I have been wanting to get “family” photos done for the past couple of months.. we usually get them done every year:

But if you have been keeping up with us you know that this past year has been quite…eventful to say the least.

In a way, I wanted to keep with the theme. As much as I love our beautifully sunlit photos… I really just wanted to be us… no dresses, no perfect weather, no bows (fi was happy about that). We just wanted to be normal, at home…silly, messy, snotty….REAL.

This could be quite the task for a photographer but we have someone that can handle us! Thankfully!

I am beyond happy with how they turned out. So instead of a normal post this week I just wanna show off my life… because I LOVE my life.


I love when she “teaches” me “new” things


and I love when she “helps” with big projects


I love wiping that snotty nose and she loves to fight it


Most of all– I love this…


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