Basic Makeup from a Basic Girl.

If you are anything like me, you constantly watch instagram or YouTube makeup tutorials and try to achieve the look with NO success.


giphy (3)


giphy (2)

In the past few years, I have had a very difficult time finding a foundation shade that truly matches my skin tone. I have no problem packing on product but my bank account has a slight problem with it. For the longest time, I was a MAC person. I should have had a punch card for how often I was there. But that’s the thing that got me… I was there incredibly often for the amount of money I was spending. The cool thing about MAC though is if you bring in 6 empty containers you get a FREE lipstick! The not so cool thing is everything I used on my face totals to be $127.00 (not including taxes). That is just basic stuff


( )

Under eye cream


( )


( )


( )

Lipstick ( )

So if I return all of the empty containers in 2 weeks when I have used all of the overpriced product I get a free $17 lipstick…. GEE THANKS

Another downer with using MAC for me was when I started my undergrad at Frostburg State the only way I could feed my addiction was to order everything online or drive for 90mins to the nearest outlet mall which would ultimately cost me more… But if you love MAC… slay girl slay.. it is just not in MY budget plan right now.

Now if you watch the YouTube videos or instagram videos the artist normally lists the products used in the description… I picked a random instagram video and she used 13 different brands on her face (not counting her skin care routine..which is super important when it comes to a flawless face with or without makeup). The concealer that she used was $25 alone. She looked amazing. But I cannot responsibly spend the amount of my cable bill on makeup at this point in my life.

But, I still want to look good without worrying that my face will break out because I got my foundation from vending machine in the girls bathroom. As a young professional and mom constantly on the move, my makeup is more so for coverage and comfort than it is major glam. Some days I just fluff on some foundation so I can get out of the door close to on time. But there are days when I have some extra time and I do a little extra with my makeup. The issue I have found with mixing brands is that they do not blend well and one wrong  blob of nyx mixed with my tarte foundation looks like a muddy mess and I have essentially wasted $50. Both products I have not been able to find in my town yet. So I summoned the help of my friend Billie Jean Clark who sells Mary Kay.

Bit of background on Billie Jean… We met in a Spanish class my freshmen year at FSU. That class is not only memorable because I met two lifelong friends but because we had the absolute worst teacher! I am a strong believer in the idea that you can be anything you put your mind to but I am not sure where this man’s mind was. He had an amazing soul… he would have been a great motivational speaker but I learned more about him than I did about Spanish. We continued on through our college years assuring the 3 of us were in Spanish together until we graduated.

Back to the makeup. It seems like everyone on Facebook is selling something but I only found out Billie Jean was a Mary Kay Consultant when she gave me a Mother’s Day makeover (where I found my favorite primer). I have always been skeptical when it comes to Mary Kay because I have been to many parties and my shade was never matched the way I liked or provided the coverage I like. After my mother’s day makeover was a success I sent BJC a picture of a super glammed up instagram makeup artist and told her I wanted this look for less and I wanted to be able to get everything in one place and she was up for the challenge! I always thought Mary Kay was for the effortless minimalist when it came to makeup, which is why I also wanted to give it another shot… the emphasis I place on makeup has changed in the past couple of years but I would like to own products that could give me simple every day and full beat glam without breaking the bank.

One of the reasons I chose Mary Kay for this project was because it is a product I can see everywhere I go. Old, young, black, white, purple… everyone has had some encounter with Mary Kay. Another reason I chose MK is their goal of empowering women. Mary Kay is not a secret society of the worlds luckiest ladies, MK wants every woman to reach her full potential no matter where she is from or what she looks like.

I knew I made the right decision when I learned

Mary Kay is the lead sponsor of the “loveisrespect” organization’s text for help service – the nation’s first and only dating abuse text message helpline. Text “loveis” to 22522 for support. Loveisrespect is the only teen helpline serving all of the United States and its territories working as a resource for teens who are experiencing dating violence and abuse. To learn more about Loveisrespect visit



Now I am always excited when I get to play with makeup but I always have an amazing time with Billie Jean!

So we started out with a fresh faced eb:

Aviary Photo_131084090567291547.png

Added my favorite primer:


and got to work!

In order to achieve the max coverage super glam look I was going for we started with a CC cream and layered my foundation on top. I know what you are thinking… “don’t you feel like a heavy cake faced blob at this point?” Surprisingly no! These products were made to layer so you can get the look without going to 20 different places. Honestly, I could wear the cc cream by itself, its perfect to smooth on and go it offers the coverage of my current foundation before I throw all my concealer in the mix. My skin tone has never looked so even. I love it.


So when I layered on the foundation it gave me the flawless look you see in all the makeup tutorials. But we did not stop there we used a darker shade of foundation for my contour. Contouring for women who are any shade of brown can go from good to “wtf happened to your face”… real quick. It all worked perfectly (much to my surprise) . At this point I feel great, my face is beat I’m good (I am pretty basic). I always leave out my eyes. When my bags are covered I’m happy. Luckily Billie Jean was there to remind me! She introduced me to my new favorite eyeshadow color:


Copper glow. I love it because its just that right amount of mhm to my eyes. I usually stray away from eye shadows because they are either too bright and costume looking or too dark or neutral that they disappear.

Usually I do a bold lip because I never play up my eyes but since I added more than usual I went light on my lips (Nourshine lip gloss in pink luster). A lighter shade than I ever have and I actually liked it.

To be honest…


I loved it!


(snapchat knows)

So in conclusion:

I finally succeeded in my quest for an easy flawless “beat” (for way less than I was spending before with better results). I spent all night bragging on snapchat.

All of the Mary Kay products used can be found on:

And if you order from this blog post, you receive a free gift!


Thank you Billie Jean!





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